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Welcome to the Power Marketing Consultants Network

Welcome to the Power Marketing Consultants Network website. The Power Marketing Consultants Network is the number one international marketing network in the world. Our network is comprised of some of the most successful marketing firms anywhere, including several industry experts, vertical marketing specialists, business coaches, and best-selling authors and speakers. All of the members of our network have been specially trained to use the proprietary Power Marketing Program which is a proven, scientific approach to marketing, that virtually guarantees your dominance in your marketplace. To find a certified Power Marketing Consultant nearest you, simply click on the “Find a Consultant” button on this website. Thanks for visiting.


Learn how to become the #1 company in your market using the Power Marketing Program on our audio training program, "Total Dominance."


Power Marketing Consultants
1883 N Wildwood St
Boise, ID 83713
(208) 739-9333